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PNY memory card doesn't work with car DVR.

Problem to use PNY memory card on your car DVR? Got error message " Card Error" or "No Card"?  Don't feel bad, the problem is not you, your car DVR or your GoPro Hero 3,  the problem is your PNY memory card, try a different brand such as SanDisk.

There are plenty of brands at very different prices, this is something you really shouldn't cheap out on  how you use them. By far the majority of issues we have seen on SD card related problems, many can be avoided by ensuring you are using a legitimate suitable card for your car DVRs.

We have found PNY 16GB and 32GB memory card have problem to be used on car DVR and GoPro Hero 3. You may Google articles that associated with this problem.

I found one on Youtube.

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