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How to rest my RM-720AE2 or 7202 Driving Recorder?

Before, we show you how to do it. You may wondering why my Car DVR system freezing. First of all, you need to know your Car DVR also is a very compact computer system, as your notebook computer; the SDHC works as a storage (as a hard drive for computer). So, below two major issues may cause your Car DVR freeze (actually is under self-protection mode).

1). SDHC memory card had error while Car DVR recording video and cannot skip over the memory error.

2). SDHC memory card was "Remove" or "Insert" while the Car DVR is powered-on.

The follow steps will help you to reset your Car DVR ....


1. Unplug car charger from the car DVR unit.

2. Utilize a small paper clip gentle pin point the "Reset" hole (see photo below).


Unbend the clip, then gentle insert to "RESET" hole and soften press down the clip one time (see below photo). After done the system reset, power on the Car DVR will back to normal operation.

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