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Black Box Saves Young Drivers Money

9 Oct 2011, 6:45 PM

Adam cut his premium by almost two-thirds by installing this little ‘black box. It uses motion sensor to monitor his driving technique.

“Initially it’s quite a daunting sort of prospect, someone always watching your driving. But I think as a whole it actually encourages you to drive better because you know someone’s watching how fast you’re going, how fast you’re cornering, how hard you’re braking. It sort of allows you to improve your driving.”

Nigel Lacy is a spokesman for the company.

“It really is going to be the only way that young drivers are going to be able to get insurance in the future. Yes we accept it’s “Big Brother,” but the insurance companies only intervene if you’re doing something wrong. If you’re doing something right, they don’t trouble you at all.”

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