Why my car DVR freezes up?  Rate it

It usually associated with the SDHC memory card,when the car DVR system detects error from SDHC memory card, it will go to “self-protection mode”.  There are some troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.

1. Reset your car DVR (refer http://www.roadmatedvr.com/article.php?search_category_id=30&page=4&article_id=66).

2. Try reformat the SDHC memory card.

3. Try another known good SDHC memory card. We suggest only purchase name brand SDHC card through reputable resellers. There are many counterfeit and underperforming SDHC card out in the marketplace.

If you still experience freeze-up issue, please contact us at info@roadmatedvr.com


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Does 7202 car DVR has built-in memory?  Rate it

No. 7202 HD car DVR has no built-in memory. To save videos and photos, you need to purchase SDHC card. read more...read more...

Why my car DVR screen shuts off after running few minutes?  Rate it

To keep your car DVR screen always on, you need to set the "Screen shut off" to "Off". Please check the "Screen shut off" selection. (for 7202 model, refer User Manual page 18). read more...read more...

Why screen shows "Memory Full"?  Rate it

First of all, check the "Loop Rec" setting, you may set to "Off" . change to "On" will do loop recording.

Secondly, SDHC cards are prone to failure over time. Each bit of storage on the devices can only be written-to and read-from so many times before they fail. the memory card usually have extra storage that's invisible to you. When a storage block dies, one of the extra blocks is allocated to take its place and so the total data you can write to the memory card remains the same.

Eventually, when all the extra storage blocks are used up, the memory card will start to lose capacity. Due to the nature of FAT32 format, it won't look like its losing space, but attempting to write data will fail. The easiest solution is to get a new memory card.

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Why my car DVR freezes up or cannot power up?  Rate it

It may associate with the SDHC memory card, when the car DVR detects SDHC memory card error. Please reset your car DVR (refer http://www.roadmatedvr.com/article.php?search_category_id=30&page=4&article_id=66). read more...read more...

How to play recorded videos to my HD TV USB port? Can I use RCA plug cable to play videos?  Rate it

To play recorded videos on your HD TV unit,
1. make sure the TV USB port can play movie file (some brands can only play photos and music file).
2. the recorded video files are unpressed AVI format, you may utilize Windows Movie Maker to save selected videos as WMV format movie file.
3. After movie file is created, then save to a flash drive. You will be able to play the videos to your HD TV.

The TV output on car DVR, can only play analog signal via a RCA cable, you will not able to play a full HD video.

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